1. How far in advance should I place my booking?
Availability changes daily and we suggest you place your booking as soon as you have firm travel dates and times.

2. How do I make a booking?
You should fill the booking form, if there is less than 24 hours before your travel, please send us a WhatsApp message

3. Are your prices per person or per vehicle?
All of our prices are per vehicle and NOT PER PERSON

4. What are your hours of operation?
We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

5. Do I have to share vehicle with other people?
No,our tansfer policy is 100 % private and the vehicle just for you and your party.

6. How do I meet your representative/driver at the airport?
Our representative / driver will be waiting by holding a sign written your name on .

7. What type of vehicles do you have?
We run a fleet of vip style Mercedes vito minibuses,Mercedes sprinter minibuses,20-26 seater minicoaches and 44 seater coaches.The vehicles have air-conditioned and fully equipped for the all seasons.

8. What happens if my arrival flight is cancelled?
If your arrival flight is cancelled, please call the emergency number which you can find on your booking confirmation. By advising him / her of the flight cancellation and any new details of your arrival, he / she will be able to reschedule your transfer. Please note that, extra cost may apply in case of an airport change.

9. What happens if my holiday details change prior to departure?
If your holiday details change prior to departure, please inform us via e-mail. You will be responsible for any increase in the transfer price if the new accommodation is further away from the airport.

10. What happens if I my arrival flight is delayed?
We track your flight on the internet, so we are aware if you will be arriving late. Whether you are 1 hour late or 8 hours even more hours late, we will have a driver for you at the airport.

11. Is there any additional charge if my flight is late?
No, unlike some companies we do not charge for waiting time.

12. What happens if I cancel my booking?
You may cancel your booking at any time, please inform us via e-mail at least 24 hours prior to your arrival & departure date.

13. How many luggage can I take?
Clients are entitled to two items of luggage only, one normal suitcase plus one hand luggage. Any excess luggage must be declared on the additional information field at the time of booking.

14. What happens if I have a huge or extra large luggages?
If you are carrying extra large luggages please let us know in advance as we may send a larger vehicle.

15. I have a special request (child seat, booster seat etc.) how do I inform you?
If you have special requests, please inform us on the additional informations field of the booking form at the time of booking.

16. Can I book a transfer to a private property?
If you are travelling to a private and / or non tourist location and/or residence, please send us a map or road direction which you will have received from the owners or rental companies.

17. How long is the journey to the resort?
Approximate transfer times are given with our price list. On peak days and when the road conditions are poor, these times can vary.

18. Is the transfer direct or do we stop en-route?
Unless otherwise stated, all of our transfers are normally direct and door-to-door.

19. Can we stop off at the supermarket or pick up property keys en-route?
Yes, of course, please inform us your needs on the additional information field at the time of booking.

20. What is the collection time of my transfer on the departure date?
We will calculate your collection time for your departure flight as the journey time plus 2 hours check in time. You have the option change this and your return transfer will then collect you from your accommodation at the time you have requested. We recommend that you arrive at the airport a minimum of 90 minutes before departure time. We accept no responsibility for missed flight due to clients not booking the transfer with enough time to spare.

21. I did not receive a confirmation e-mail: Why? What should I do?
As on most occasions this is usually down to a problem with your spam filter. Please check your spam folder as this usually seems to solve the problem in the majority of cases. If this does not help, please let us know via e-mail.

22. Can I pay by credit card?
No, We only operate with cash on arrival system and you may pay in GBP or EUR.You may have a look our transfer prices

23. When do I pay?
Please pay half the agreed fare upon arrival at your destination, the remainder at the airport when we drop you off.

24. Do I need to tip the driver?
The price paid does not include a tip. If you feel your driver has been friendly and courteous, then a small tip is normal.

25. What does the price include?
A one-way price includes a single journey, either from your arrival airport to your accommodation or from your accommodation to your departure airport.A return price includes both the arrival and departure transfer from airport to accommodation upon arrival and from accommodation to airport on departure.
On all of our transfers, there will be no charge for babyseats, no airport car parking charges, no tunnel fees, no waiting charges, no change & cancel charges, no administration charges, no extra luggage charges, no advance payments and no hidden charges.

26. Our group is staying at different accommodations, do you charge extra for additional drop off locations?
If the both of accommodations are in the same resort, generally, there will be no extra charge.
If you will be going to 2 accommodations which are very far from each other or in different resorts then we may charge extra, although of course, you will be informed of the exact price on your confirmation document.

27. Do you offer tour programs?
We are able to provide basic and private tours, if you let us know what you are interested in and we will see what we can do…

28. Do you offer other transfer besides going to and from the airport?
We are able to go anywhere you would like,just send an e-mail us for a quote.

For your more questions you can be in contact with us by WhatsApp

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